Monday, May 31, 2010

*** CLOSED***
I am so excited to offer a Charm Swap on my Blog. I absolutely love charms that hang off tags, mini’s, pages etc. and can’t seem to get enough of them  There are so many kinds available that it is impossible to collect them all.

This swap will be open to everyone to join. (US, Canada and International)

This will be a 7+1 swap, you will get one back.
• Each Charm should include a swivel clasp, garment pin or something to attach it to a tag or mini.
• A charm, either handmade or store bought (attached to the garment pin or swivel calsp)
• A bead or button.
• Please include your name and youtube/blog name.

Please be fair to everyone participating. If you’re unable to continue the swap, please notify me asap. I would like for everyone who has signed up to be able to receive as many as they have sent back.

Include a SASE with at last the same amount of postage as it took to mail me. Also include 2 extra stamps if needed. I will send them back if not needed. PLEASE NO METERED strips.

I will have 3 groups of 8 and will sign people up in the order of the comments on this blog entry and/or to keep it fair. I will close the cwap once the groups are filled.

Thank you for participating. If you don’t have my address, please email me once you are ready to mail out and I will send to you. My email address is

These need to be in my hands no later than June 30th, I would like to mail out on July 1st.

Group 1
1.Lyla (Received June 16th)
2.Allyson (Received July 6)
3.Jocelyn (Received July 6th)
4.Syndee (Received July 3)
5.Monica (Received June 26)
6.Bona (Received June 30)
7.CindyR (Here)

Group 2
1. Yer Vang (Received June 14)
2.Michelle Roman (Received July 3)
3.Lucinda Received July 6)
4.Dawn E. (Received June 24)
5.Paveena (Received June 21)
6.Mindy (Received June 16th)
7.Kay D. (Received June 10)
8.Veronica (Received July 1st)

Group 3
1.Joann M (Received June 11)
2.Monica (Received June 26th)
3.Brandy (Received June 18th)
4.Heidi (Received June 26th)
5.Marisa (Received June 22)
6.Corris (Received June 21)
8.ALycia (Received July 30th)

This is my first time hosting a swap, I welcome any suggestions. Thanks so much for participating, I can't wait to see what Everyone comes up with.


  1. I am sucker for charms.....sign me up. Lyla

  2. Love charms !!! Please sign me up.
    Thanks so much.
    I am getting ready to go on vacation to Jamica/Mexico....can't wait to see what I can find there. I have a friend who got tons of charms from i am on the look out for them.
    Allyson Pearson

  3. I would love to be a part of it. This will be my first swap that I have joined and the idea is very exicting to me.
    Jocelyn Hardin

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  5. Oh yes! I would love to participate! I just finished a tag swap hosted by Marie at The Pretty Paper Boutique and would love to try something new!

    Syndee Davis Ü

  6. Hi I would love to join your charm swap.
    Monica D.

  7. Yay! Count me in. LOVE Charms....can't wait.


  8. great idea I am in, thanks

    Sandra Perdomo

  9. I would like to participate in this swap. Please sign me up. Thanks Cindy.
    Yer Vang

  10. I would like to join your charm swap. Thanks.

  11. Hi, sign me up please! I used to do jewelry and have a lot of extra chrams from the projects. This would be the perfect way to use them. This is also my first time to swap!

  12. This is exciting :) Please sign me up!!

    If you want to email me your address my email is

    Thanks Cindy :)

  13. This is going to be my first charm swap, please sign me up. :)

  14. Ilove charms, please sign me up, I love scrap, I love what you do!!!

    Alyss from France

  15. Can I have the last spot? This is a great idea!!
    YT - alyciajo