Saturday, August 28, 2010


Please join me in September Charm Swap. This is the 4th month that I will be hosting this and it is a lot of fun and addicting! I absolutely love charms that hang off tags, mini’s, pages etc. and can’t seem to get enough of them. There are so many kinds available that it is impossible to collect them all.
Please comment on my Youtube or my Blog and include your EMAIL ADDRESS so that it is easier to send you updates.
This swap will be open to everyone to join. (US, Canada and International)
This will be a 7+1 swap, you will get one back.
• Each Charm should include a swivel clasp, garment pin or something to attach it to a tag or mini.
• A charm, either handmade or store bought (attached to the garment pin or swivel clasp)
• A bead or button.
• Please include your name and youtube/blog name.

Please be fair to everyone participating. If you’re unable to continue the swap, please notify me asap. I would like for everyone who has signed up to be able to receive as many as they have sent back.

Include a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) with at last the same amount of postage as it took to mail me. Also include 2 extra stamps if needed. I will send them back if not needed. PLEASE NO METERED strips.

I will have 4 groups of 8 and will sign people up in the order of comments received.
Thank you for participating. If you don’t have my address, please email me once you are ready to mail out and I will send to you. My email address is

These need to be in my hands no later than October 1, 2010 I would like to mail out on October 5th.

Thank you for joining me, it's a lot of fun!!

Group 1
1. Kim (Received)
2. Sharon (Received)
3. Pam (Received)
4. Allyson (Received)
5. Chris Elvishmist (Received)
6. Marisa (Received)
7. Dessy Received
8. Eve (Received)

Group 2
1. Marisa (Received)
2. Alee (Received)
3. Becky Falch (Received)
4. Angie Salayon (Received)
5. Donna 123cardmaker (Received)
6. Chevy (Received)
7. Cassandra (Received)
8. Maureen nannybee11 (Received)

Group 3

1.Marisa (Received)
2.Eve (Received)
3.Donna Missouriangle2
4.Carol (Received)
5.StephanieD2 (Received)
6.Kathy Canadianscrappergirl (Received)
7.Cynthialoowho (Received)
8.Connie ladycrafter671 (Received)

Group 4

1.Eve Received
2. Donna Missouriangle2
3. CindyR here
4. Betty Bettycutiestuff (Received)
5. Cassie flacrafter Received
6. Rosie Received
7. Alee (Received)
8. Lydia, littlelyds1 (Received)

Group 5
1. Lydia, littlelyds1 (Received)
2.Cindy R Here
3. Connie Ladycrafter671 (Received)
4. Yer Vang (Received)
5. Lydia Sanchez (Received)
6. Betty Bettyscutiestuff (Received)
7. Janet Lomajan (Received)
8. Lyla (Received)


  1. Please count me in! My email is xposales (at) aol dot com.

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Cindy please include me on the swap!!!!
    Thanks so much Alee' @ jentaleigh

  3. Hi Cindy

    YEY I was waiting for this swap to open up , please put me down to group1 and group2 and group3. or any three groups please
    thanks so much

  4. Hi Cindy - I would like to participate if there is still room. Just one group, as this will be my first swap. I am a newbie. Thanks, Carol.
    yt: myendlessendeavors

  5. Hiya Cindy! I want to jump in and participate, put me in the beginners group if you have one LOL This will be my first swap. :) FUN!!


    YT: StephanieD2

  6. Hi Cindy. I would like to do this again. Lucinda

  7. I would like to participate, if there is still room!! Thanks so much {{{HUGS}}}
    cynthialoowho (yt)

  8. Cindy if u want please sign me up for two groups let me know what u decide!!!!

    X's Alee' @jentaleigh

  9. Hi Cindy,
    I would love to join again. Please put me down for 2 groups. Thanks.
    YT: ladycrafter671


  10. hi Cindy,

    can i have a spot in each group??

    thanks. cant wait !!

  11. Hey Cindy can you sign me up for group 5 too, if you can....
    Thanks again!!!! ;)

  12. Please sign me up. Lydia Sanchez


  13. Hay Cindy, is it too late for me to sign up? My email is Thanks, Janet =D

  14. Hey Cindy, I don't see your name in any of the groups? Thanks for signing me up I am excited.

  15. If you need an angel swapper I am willing, kathy aka canadianscrappergirl